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I've been writing this book in weekly installments in Workers World newspaper since June 2004.
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Lavender & Red

Taking it on the road:

Activist Feinberg Draws Links Between "Lavender and Red"
BeyondChron: The Voice of the Rest, by Emily Alpert‚ Jul. 18‚ 2005

West Coast tour is lavender & red
Los Angeles
Published Apr 15, 2006

"Socialism & LGBT movement are linked"
San Francisco
Published Jul 21, 2005

"Lavender and Red": Leslie Feinberg Speaks
Jul 18, 2005

"Lavender & Red": Towards liberation
Call for anti-capitalist struggle draws standing ovations, Jul 3, 2003

Two "Lavender & Red" segments included in website of Partido Comunista de Madrid: