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Selected articles in English:
Honoring LaTeisha Green (November 12th, 2009)

Leslie’s response to the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Pioneer Award (May 27th, 2009)

Selected articles from the pages of Workers World newspaper

Palestinians Mark Land Day with Protests

Struggle Over Middle East Reaches into World LGBT Movements (published July 27, 2006)

Beware of Pretexts for War: Anti-Iran Protest Misdirects LGBT Struggle (published July 17, 2006)

Legacy of Counter-Revolution: State Sharpens Anti-Gay Attacks in Poland (published June 15, 2006)

May 27th Pride March Attacked: What’s Behind the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Russia? (published June 2, 2006)

LGBT Liberation: An Essential Working-Class Struggle (published June 24, 2006)

WORLDWIDE PROTESTS / Islam Bashing Part of Racist War for Empire (published Feb 8, 2006)

NEW YORK / Rally for Leonard Peltier (published Feb 5, 2006)

ITALY / Marches Defend Abortion, LGBT Rights (published Jan 23, 2006)

Migra Raid Tears Parents from Kids (published Aug 6, 2005)

Solidarity Follows Wave of Racist Attacks (published Aug 4, 2005)

Leaked Memos Show Iraq War Conspiracy: Popular Resistance Wears down ‘Coalition of Willing’ (published Jun 22, 2005)


—Michael Jackson: ‘Guilty’ Verdict after Acquittal? (published Jun 14, 2005)

—Michael Jackson in the Lion’s Den (published Jan. 29, 2004)

—Behind the Headlines on Michael Jackson (published Dec. 4, 2003)

LA PAZ / Miners, Farmers, City Poor Join for General Strike (published May 26, 2005)

IRAQ / Resistance Attacks Rise in Iraq (published Apr 20, 2005)

Bush / Budget Cuts Everything but War: All Out March 19 to Demand ‘Money for People’s Needs, Not Pentagon’ (published Feb 13, 2005)

High Court Okays Strip Search of Black Children (published Dec. 25, 1997)

Movement to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Grows (published Dec. 25, 1997)

Demonizing People with AIDS Only Worsens the Epidemic (published Nov. 20, 1997)

Native Nations Win Against Racist Team Mascots (published Oct. 2, 1997)

Transsexual Parent Fights for Child (published April 24, 1997)

Argentina: Bold Action Wins Solidarity for Transgenders (published Feb. 27, 1997)

Bigoted Ad Cancelled: Outcry Cancels Bigoted Ad (published Feb. 13, 1997)

Italian Workers: No to Bush, no to war! (Originally in Italian. Reprinted from the June 17, 2004 issue of the Workers World newspaper.)

Selected articles in Spanish:

Mundo Obrero – 14 de agosto de 2003: ¿Por qué Japón está enviando tropas a Irak?

Mundo Obrero – 5 de junio de 2003: Contando los civiles muertos y heridos

Sionistas no hablan de parte de todos los judíos: Ser partidario de Palestina no es ‘anti semitismo’

Mundo Obrero – 21 de nov. de 2002: 200.000 marchan en San Salvador

Mundo Obrero – 7 de nov. de 2002: Declaración de la coalición anti guerra ANSWER

Mundo Obrero – 13 de junio de 2002: LGBT Musulmanes se re´unen en D.C.

Mundo Obrero – 15 de nov. de 2001: ¡Ayúdanos a poner este periódico en más manos!

MICHAEL JACKSON: ¿un veredicto de ‘culpable’?